Financial Stepney – A positive catalyst to your emotions

Fallback or Plan B has not been welcomed positively when it comes to following a passion, as few believe it fails to bring out the full potential in any situation. However, businessmen, sportsmen, or any team player always believed in having a Plan B. We at S9 Financial Planners, have a similar way to explain [...]

The Yellow Brick Road of Financial Advice

1. Calculate your net worth Take the market value of all your significant assets including houses, investments, vehicles,/cash savings,/and subtract what you owe on your mortgage, credit cards, LOC, student loans, vehicle loans, etc. Focus on the big-ticket items…. you can ignore the $50 you have stowed away in your sock drawer! Whatever is left [...]

Why Should Investors Start an SIP Account?

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP account means a method of investing money in mutual funds. In an SIP, one invests a fixed amount of money in a mutual fund every month. which is automatically deducted from one’s bank account. To know what amount of monthly SIP you need to invest to achieve a certain monetary [...]

Hire a Proper Search Engine Optimization Consultant for Your Website

Nowadays, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the commonly used names, which is heard, in developing a website. If you want to make a proper website, then the first thing which you will need is the proper Web Designing Company. After they design the website, you will need an SEO team, who will promote [...]

Consulting Skills Training: Molding Effective Facilitators After the Basics

Consulting skills have never been more important in the workplace. This is used in efficiently finding a solution to corporate issues, training the employees to optimize their potential through increasing competent leadership, getting feedback before going with a course of action, even in overcoming conflict. This way, the management has to be as much a [...]

Distribution Consulting Tips

In the field of business the distribution results in the growth of company. Even if the company is producing efficient products and if it is not reaching the customers then we cannot say that company is a success. An efficient company will have super distribution department, and this distribution department should handle the complete procedures [...]

Overwhelmed By the Thought of Remodeling? Hire a Renovation Consultant

It has been said that a home renovation can involve as many as 15,000 decisions. That is a daunting number, and many homeowners who intuitively understand this either refuse to do a needed renovation at all, or end up with a “nightmare contractor” story to tell at cocktail parties. There is another option that is [...]

Why Do We Need Travel Consultants

It’s not everyday that you go on a vacation. Vacations are meant to offer you great memories that last a lifetime and no one wants their vacation to have even a single bad moment. How does one ensure that your dream holiday remain exactly that- dream-like? Whom can you trust to help you plan a [...]

Become a Network Marketing Consultant

Advice, based on opinions, is like a general set of directions telling us how to arrive at a specific place. Advice, based on fact, is like a scientific formula. When we apply this formula we can always expect the same results. Most entrepreneurs are characters possessing incredibly creative perspectives. Their success isn’t derived from random [...]

Things to Consider in Hiring Between an SEO Consultant Or an SEO Company

If you are a new online business entrepreneur, you usually do not full knowledge on what an SEO consultant or an SEO firm can do for your website. Various factors rely on specific needs and requirements of a certain business, the period on the business’ site existence and the owner’s penchants. Below are tips to [...]