Financial Stepney – A positive catalyst to your emotions

Fallback or Plan B has not been welcomed positively when it comes to following a passion, as few believe it fails to bring out the full potential in any situation. However, businessmen, sportsmen, or any team player always believed in having a Plan B. We at S9 Financial Planners, have a similar way to explain [...]

The Yellow Brick Road of Financial Advice

1. Calculate your net worth Take the market value of all your significant assets including houses, investments, vehicles,/cash savings,/and subtract what you owe on your mortgage, credit cards, LOC, student loans, vehicle loans, etc. Focus on the big-ticket items…. you can ignore the $50 you have stowed away in your sock drawer! Whatever is left [...]

Why Should Investors Start an SIP Account?

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP account means a method of investing money in mutual funds. In an SIP, one invests a fixed amount of money in a mutual fund every month. which is automatically deducted from one’s bank account. To know what amount of monthly SIP you need to invest to achieve a certain monetary [...]